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About us

About us

ACT Pharma rises to the challenge

« The right to health » is nowadays, a fundamental right of every human being and further more a well-founded principal in international law.
As a result, access to medical products and technologies as part of the right to health has become a constitutional commitment widely recognized in countries constitutions and national legislation.

To this end, one of the main objectives pharmaceutical industries is striving to meet, is to provide patients with therapies that help them live longer and healthier lives.
Taking into consideration the context in which the pharmaceutical sector is evolving and the too many challenges among which, the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, We, at ACT Pharma, are endeavoring to strictly adhere to the highest international standards of safety, efficiency and quality assurance.

Relatedly, our drugs are systematically evaluated for safety, efficacy, and manufacturing quality before and as a condition of access to market.
On the other hand it should be noted that, on and around the premises of our plant, we are promoting the environment protection as a wide spread culture and a first priority.
On the technical side, ACT Pharma stands out through its focus on research and development and our management is providing adequate resources to meet that goal.

In this respect, we are consistently investing in well-tailored training programs which are regularly conducted in house and abroad. We also are conducting regular independent technical audits to make sure that we are up to meet present and future challenges and to assure performance, growth and sustainability.